Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Makes Glitz~N~GlamSwag Bag so Different

Swag in a Bag!

Since I have been swagging, I the promotion, meeting and talking to new customers. I'm just a local Detroit's Entrepreneur looking to help other small business who wants to get their products in the hands of new customers. We know at majorities of events or parties, guest want to have a good time, but how great would it be to offer an incentive for your top VIPs or the 5 that shows up, or even for your Speakers or artist that you have booked at your event. A swag bag is a great way to show your appreciation.

There a few key notes that makes our swag bag different. Our bags will not be filled with an arm load of the same old stuff, that would likely be thrown out in the trash. Who would want a bag filled with nothing but flyers, note cards, coupons and business card? I know I don't!!

Here is how we are different.

1. Products That are Useful:
Since we are a women only business, our clients are generally women. We put our self in the shoes of the guest. Would I or could I use this? Would this products catch my eye, or would I just throw it away?

I know if we wouldn't use it, we can't expect anyone else, too as well.
Another great things is that we sure our bags are small business related and large company that already big.

2. Marketing/Placement:
We are a small business our self, but it doesn't mean we have to do things on a small scale. My business partner Bridget and I are always looking for events and sometimes we get leads.

We either send the bags or we give them to the event planner.

3. Price:
Starting at only $15.00 per bag for community events, Vendors and local events.
Each bag different with each events.
**Prices subject to change per events *all sales Final no Refund.
It's just like having your very own PR person working for you. All you have to do is just package up your products along with your business card, promotional card or flyer and we'll do the rest.

Our goal is to distribute your products and service at all events leads that comes our way. If you are not able to do an event, then we need to know asap, so we can do a replacement. We understand what it's like to run a small business and signing up for every event might now fit your budget that's why will do drawing for a free event.

When you signed up and make your payment, you have to have your products ready to go out in the next day mail.

4. Distribution:
Once we have all the items, then we can decided what sizes and type of bags we will use. You can make your gift look attractive if it is beautifully wrapped. You could also use a organza or a pretty clear bag.
 Once you have your products presented the way you want, don't forget to include your business cards, with all your contact and web store information.

The final step is for us to start filling the bags and have them at their location in a timely manner.

Final Thought:
We want to give the customer something that has a personal touch, elegant and creatively presentable so they can remember and want to make a purchase from you.

Contact me if you want to be in my next swag bag.